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Minimally Invasive Browlift – Cosmetic Treatments Published on January 29, 2016

Aging can do a number on your appearance by causing certain areas to sag or crease. One area that can be especially problematic is the brow. The brow and forehead are areas that may be particularly vulnerable to sagging. To treat this area, there is the minimally invasive browlift.

When aging impacts the brow and forehead area, it can have a wider impact on your overall appearance by leaving you looking constantly tired and even upset.

The minimally invasive browlift is a surgical technique that subtly lifts and raises sagging skin. This process smoothes deep creases and wrinkles to leave you looking refreshed and alert.

Speak with Dr. Jeff Kilpatrick to learn more about the results you can achieve with the minimally invasive browlift.

Contact us at our office to schedule a consultation.

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