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Vitalize Peel

The vitalize peel is one of the safest, strongest superficial medical peels, containing Retinoic Acid & Alpha-hydroxy Acids. During the skin rejuvenation process, you will experience some skin peeling.


The Vitalize Peel has been effective in helping with fine lines and wrinkles, heavy acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture. We recommend a series of six peels every 6 – 8 weeks for optimal results. 

A vitalize peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Sun exposure, acne, or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred.

A vitalize peel can help improve:

  • Acne or acne scars

  • Age and liver spots

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Freckles

  • Irregular skin pigmentation

  • Rough skin and scaly patches

  • Scars

  • Sun-damaged skin

What a vitalize peel won't do:
  • Treat deep facial lines

  • Tighten loose or sagging skin

  • Remove broken capillaries

  • Change pore size

  • Remove deep scars

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please call Hannah Parbst, Esthetician at 910-235-9759.

300 Pavilion Way Suite 104 Southern Pines, NC  28387 

Tel: 1-855-294-BODY (2639)

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